South West Faculty Update January to March 2021

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What are Advanced Practitioners?

Advanced practitioners come from a range of professional backgrounds such as nursing, pharmacy, and allied health professionals. They are healthcare professionals educated to Master’s level and have developed the skills and knowledge to allow them to take on expanded roles and scope of practice caring for patients.

Health Education England has established the National Centre for Advancing Practice to support education and training for advanced practitioners in England by developing agreed national training standards for advanced practice education and delivering a programme accreditation process for training courses for advanced level practice. Regional centres have been set up to work with local systems (STPs/ICSs) to identify demand, commission high quality education and training and support the supervisory needs of learners.

Meet the South West Advanced Practice Team

South West HEE region map
South West HEE region map

HEE’s Centre for Advancing Practice has been established to standardise routes into Advanced Practice, accredit Advanced Practice education programmes and recognise registered health & care practitioners who demonstrate the capabilities set out in the Advanced Practice or Consultant Practitioner frameworks. 

The Centre is a national project, supported by teams in each of its 7 Regions and we are the South West team! 

Simon Ingram

Simon Ingram – Simon is the Supervision and Assessment Lead for Advanced Practice in Primary Care (nursing/MSK/paramedic). His role will involve supporting the expansion of the supervision infrastructure and development of the AP workforce in Primary Care. His clinical role is as an FCP Clinical Lead and MSK Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner so he will also support the wider MSK aspect of Advanced Practice.

Jane Moses

Jane Moses – Jane is the Regional Supervision and Assessment Lead for Mental Health, Learning Disability & Autism, Occupational Therapy, having joined the team in March 2021. Jane is a Consultant Health Psychologist working in secondary care mental health with people with a diagnosis of Emotionally Unstable Personality disorders.  She has a background in clinically managing an IAPT provision as well as a Psychotherapy department for adults with mental health problems or a learning disability.  She has also previously worked in a commissioning role.

Martin Horton

Martin Horton – Martin is the Regional Supervision and Assessment Lead for Emergency Medicine. He also leads the SW Emergency Care AP pilot programme for SWHEE. He continues to work clinically for the majority of his job plan as the Lead AP in the Emergency Department at Musgrove Park. His background was in the Royal Air Force as an Emergency and Pre-Hospital Specialist Nurse before moving into Advanced Practice in civilian emergency department care initially in Birmingham before wanting a much nicer work life balance in the South West.

Rachael Hosznyak

Rachael Hosznyak – Rachael is the Supervision and Assessment Lead for Frailty, Rehabilitation and Social Work. She is a registered Paramedic with experience in various clinical roles including the ambulance service, primary care, event medicine and forensic / custodial care. She is an Advanced Practitioner in Urgent Care specialising in Frailty. She has also spent time as a senior academic as well as various senior management and leadership roles and is currently completing a PhD in Quality Improvement and Implementation Science explored through the assessment and management of pre-hospital head injuries.

Diane Keeling

Diane Keeling – Diane is the supervision and assessment lead (Neonatal & Maternal, Women’s Health and Paediatrics) for the South West region. The role supports the Regional faculty Lead to deliver HEE’s advancing practice agenda, by ensuring high-quality supervision in the workplace for multi-professional advanced practice learners. Diane is an Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years clinical practice, she has considerable experience within clinical education pathways, and supporting learners within a variety of settings. 

Carole Boulanger

Carole Boulanger – Carole is a Consultant Nurse / ACCP from the Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust. Carole has been involved in the development of the ACCP role since it’s’ pilot for the New Ways of Working in Critical Care. Alongside practising as an ACCP in her ICU Carole has been involved in developing the role nationally via the National Framework for Advanced Critical Care practitioners, the RCoA via the Allied profession related to anaesthesia and now working with FICM to develop the core curriculum and syllabus for CCT for ACCPs. Carole is elected chair of the National Association of Advanced Critical Care Practitioners [NaACCP]. 

Valentino Oriolo

Valentino Oriolo – Valentino has just joined the team as a Regional Advancing Practice Supervision and Assessment Lead for the South West Advancing Practice Faculty working with the team to implement the regional advancing practice portfolio for Acute Internal Medicine. Valentino has been nursing for 25 years and his clinical background includes acute medicine, intensive care and emergency cardiology. He is currently working as a Cardiac Advanced Clinical Practitioner in a busy Emergency Department in the South West and as a passion for education and acute medicine.

Rachael Brandreth

Rachael Brandreth – Rachael is the Regional Advancing Practice Supervision and Assessment Lead for podiatry, speech and language therapy and dietetics and will be starting with the team in April. Rachael is passionate about prevention, the potential of allied health professionals (AHPs) and the power of joy in work as a tool to improve lives of colleagues and those we provide care for. As a registered dietitian Rachael has experience spanning the lifecycle across specialities and settings both clinically and as professional lead. Rachael is a connector with experience of working across the AHPs for example as AHP Faculty lead and Chair of the Cornwall AHP Council.


Lisa Munro-Davies MD FRCS FRCEM – Clinical Faculty Lead. Consultant in Emergency Medicine at University Hospitals Bristol since 2005. Areas of special interest include: Postgraduate Medical/Health Education, Workforce planning & development, multi-disciplinary team development and Point of Care USS. Current Regional & National roles: Associate Postgraduate Dean for Workforce Transformation HEE SW, Clinical Lead Faculty of Advancing Practice HEE SW, SW NHSE/I Regional Clinical Adviser Urgent and Emergency Care & Vice President Royal College of Emergency Medicine.

Girish Lakhanpal

Girish Lakhanpal – Girish is the programme manager for the Advancing Practice Faculty, supporting the regional Faculty Lead to ensure successful implementation of the advancing practice portfolio at regional and sub-regional level. As well as a clinical background in hospital pharmacy, he has spent time as a management consultant, working for a range of healthcare organisations managing workforce, operational and financial programmes.

Heather Munro

Heather Munro – Heather is the programme administrator for the South West Advancing Practice Faculty working with the team to implement the regional advancing practice portfolio. Heather joined the team in December 2020 and assists with a range of projects and tasks that support the day-to-day operations of the team. Heather has extensive experience in office roles with a background in food marketing, office management and finance.

Jennifer Phillips – Jennifer is the Project Support Officer within the South West Advancing Practice Faculty. Her role consists of providing administrative support for a range of projects and initiatives linked to Quality Assurance in Advancing Practice. She brings seven years of HEE experience, three within the secondary care team where she was co-ordinating the training programme of five schools and managing the recruitment of Academic Clinical Fellows and Lecturers, and four years within the primary care team where she was responsible for the recruitment of GP trainees and co-ordinating the GP training programme.

Join the Team

There will be further opportunities to join this dynamic team and we will soon be recruiting to Supervision & Assessment Lead posts in Radiography & Oncology and Surgery & Anaesthesia as well as a Workforce Transformation Lead post. All these exciting opportunities will be advertised on NHS Jobs so please do ‘watch this space’ and think about these fantastic opportunities to join us in shaping the future of Advanced Practice here in the South West.

South West Region Update

The HEE South West Regional Advancing Practice (AP) Faculty began to be established in August 2020 with the appointment of a Clinical Lead tasked to establish a structure and work programme for the Faculty. Since then we have recruited to 4 out of 5 planned full time ‘core’ Faculty posts and 7 of 9 part-time supervision and assessment lead roles, each being responsible for a defined area of practice. These Faculty members have been building relationships and developing initiatives to highlight the value of an AP workforce within our systems and organisations, leading off in those areas with an established AP framework such as Emergency and Critical Care. 

Currently in the region we have established and supported: An Emergency Care AP pilot Programme with 14 trainees across 5 Acute Trusts a regional ACCP training programme with 13 trainees in 5 ICUs in the region, 8 trainees in the high priority area of learning, disability and autism have been funded to undertake the new HEE LDA Credential, our Primary Care supervision and assessment lead has, working with the Primary Care Training Hubs, established a forum for systems Primary Care AP Leads to plan how we best support AP development in Primary Care. We are already supporting several Primary Care colleagues across the region on this journey. Other projects include a scoping exercise within the mental health workforce across our Region to identify those with the infrastructure and desire to incorporate mental health AP into their future service and workforce development.  

Paramedic at the door speaking to a person

The HEE National Centre for Advancing Practice continues to develop and publishing frameworks that are ‘roadmaps’ to AP in a variety of areas of practice whilst also working to establish a Directory of recognised AP programmes through recognised HEI programmes and a portfolio development route that is currently being trialled.

Currently available Frameworks include: Emergency Care, Critical Care, Surgery, Primary Care Nursing/MSK/Paramedics and Mental Health. Those in development include : Acute Internal Medicine, Frailty, Rehabilitation, Opthamology and Midwifery with many more planned to be developed in due course. The AP Faculty will be working collaboratively with our systems partners in developing supported pathways of training against these Frameworks as they become available and as they meet our own defined systems workforce needs.

NETS Survey Update

NETS Survey

The National Education and Training Survey (NETS) is open to all health and care trainees and students across all clinical learning environments. The survey will offer AP trainees the opportunity to provide feedback on their clinical placements such as supervision, induction, support, etc.  
It is managed by Health Education England and is conducted twice a year (June and November). The survey is anonymous, and the results are analysed by HEE Quality teams to ensure all concerns are identified, reviewed and where appropriate, acted upon. The information forms part of HEE’s approach to the monitoring of clinical placements and will be used to develop remedial action plans in partnership with education and placement providers.
Further information can be found on HEE national website, via this link.
If you are a trainee, please participate and give us your input on how to make clinical placements better for future trainees. If you know anyone on a training programme, please encourage them to provide feedback.

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