Mental Health – Abby Webb

Advanced Practitioner Case Study: Abby Webb – Mental Health Nurse and NMP

Abby Webb is a highly experienced Advanced Clinical Practitioner in the Waterston 18-bed adult acute admission ward in Dorchester

Abby Webb is an experienced mental health nurse and NMP who undertook advanced practice training in 2014 to continue her professional development with a clinical focus. She has worked in many roles, including as a matron, ward manager and within primary care.

In 2018 Dr Ian Rodin, consultant psychiatrist, saw an opportunity to create an ACP role within the acute Waterston ward to help meet the service needs, as they were struggling to recruit a specialist registrar.

Abby had meanwhile been seeking a new senior clinical post and saw this role as the perfect opportunity.

Abby works at Level 7 across the four pillars of Advanced Practice

Clinical– Manages acute in-patient caseload, including physical & mental health aspects of care
– Discharge planning and coordination, including medication
– Liaises with GPs to manage physical health e.g. diabetes
Leadership– Coordinates work of junior doctors
– Leads innovation and local service developments
– Supports staff skills and development
– Hands on ward leadership
Education– Facilitates ward supervision
– Teaches ward staff through bitesize training and role modelling
– Visiting associate on Advanced Practice course at Bournmouth University
Research– Transformation & Innovation e.g. review of clinical pathway for those with personality disorder
– Strong quality improvement focus, working across services

Abby’s ACP role works autonomously alongside the consultant psychiatrist, with each holding a share of the caseload for which they are responsible for managing the complete episode of care.She deals with both the mental and physical health aspects of patient care, including requesting blood tests etc. She also liaises with carers, families and other colleagues and services, including to support discharge.

Abby is very psychologically minded due to her experience and training and this enables her to take a holistic view.  She finds that she can bring a different way

Feedback from a Nurse Colleague “A pioneer and a role model for nurses who want to progress a clinical route.  Forward thinking experienced leader, respectful of all roles within the MDT, proactive and positive risk-taking to meet patient needs”

of approaching problems to the medics she works with and is able to bring a wider perspective.

She is able to hold the medical model in mind alongside nursing and psychological approaches to enable interventions that meet patients’ goals and objectives.

Abby has trained in supervision and coaching and offers supervision and support for skills development to colleagues on the ward. She also teaches, both on the ward and on the ACP course at Bournemouth University.

Working across services, Abby has a strong focus upon innovation and quality service improvement, for example leading a recent review of the clinical pathway for people with a personality disorder.

She believes there is huge benefit to becoming an ACP and gaining experience in this role before moving onto Approved Clinician (AC) training, which she is currently undertaking. Abby says it gave her greater confidence, enhancing her clinical thinking skills which will help her evidence and articulate her view in future AC situations.

Feedback from a Advanced Practitioner Colleague “ACPs complement the MDT, bringing broader thinking to decision-making thus helping to better consider the holistic needs and objectives of patients.”

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