South West Case Studies

Below you will find a selection of case studies featuring Advanced Practitioners across the South West region. Learn more about the benefits of Advancing Practice and how Advanced Practitioners are helping transform service delivery to better meet local healthcare needs through our case studies and short films.

Primary Care

An Advanced Practitioner’s role in a GP practice – Anna’s Story

This video follows Anna Neary, an experienced SW AP working in a GP practice and her reflections on what it takes to be an AP in Primary Care and the immense job satisfaction this can bring.

Advanced Practice in Primary Care – An organisational perspective

This video features a GP Partner and practice ​manager perspective of how APs can enhance the clinical team and care offering to patients in Primary Care.

Mental Health

Advanced Practice in Mental Health – The Dorset Healthcare Story

This video shows an organisational perspective on advanced practice in mental health and features Dorset Healthcare.

Advanced Practice in Mental Health – Matthew’s Story

This video follows an Advanced Practitioner’s role in a forensic mental health service. Featuring Matthew Hibbert, Advanced Practitioner and Dr Adrian James, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and The Devon Partnership Trust.


Matthew Hibbert – Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Matthew is an Advanced Clinical Practitioner and Trainee Approved Clinician working in a forensic secure service in Devon

James Cook – Advanced Practitioner in Learning Disability

In this video we speak to James Cook an Advanced Practitioner in Learning Disability about his role and the impact he has on the services he supports.


Abby WebbMental Health Nurse and NMP

Abby Webb is a highly experienced Advanced Clinical Practitioner in the Waterston 18-bed adult acute admission ward in Dorchester

Beth Payne

Beth Payne – Advanced Practitioner and Clinical Lead

Beth is an Advanced Practitioner, Clinical Lead for a mental health in-patient rehabilitation ward and working across the community rehabilitation team in Dorset


Advanced Practice in a Surgical MDT

This video looks at the benefit of having advanced practitioners as part of the surgical MDT in the Surgical Assessment Unit. Featuring Thomas Walker, an Upper GI Consultant Surgeon and the three trainee advanced practitioners at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust, it tells the story of how they are integrating Advanced Practice into their service.


Vivian Zinyemba – Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Vivian Zinyemba is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner working in the Department of Older Persons’ Services in Wiltshire

Rachael Hosznyak – Urgent Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Rachael is an Advanced Clinical Practitioner within an Urgent Community Response service in Bristol

Emergency Care

Jasmine Morris – Trainee Advanced Practitioner in an Emergency Department

Jasmine is a trainee Advanced Practitioner working with a focus on frailty in the Emergency Department who is currently completing her Advanced Practice MSc.



Alice Dyer – Trainee Advanced Practitioner in Ophthalmology Services

Alice is currently working as a trainee advanced practitioner in ophthalmology services at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Foundation Trust.