Midlands Advanced Practice Trainees Moving Employer

When an advanced practice trainee moves employer, the continuation of trainee funding is not guaranteed. This needs to be reviewed on an individual basis.  The reason being funding is linked to a workforce need, not an individual’s personal development. If the trainee moves from their employer where they originally secured funding, the funding may stop if the requirements for providing the funding cannot be met by the new employing organisation.

There is a guidance document to support advanced practice trainees within the Midlands and their employers when they change employer during their funded course.  This guidance applies to Midlands advanced practice trainees on all commissioned and apprenticeship MSc Advanced Clinical Practice programmes. To access this guidance please click here.

To start the process, all Midlands advanced practice trainees who are planning to move employer must complete this online form.

If you have any queries about the new process then please contact the Faculty for Advancing Practice Midlands at england.apfac.midlands@nhs.net