Advancing Practice in Emerging Areas Workforce Transformation Resource

This resource, is designed to be implemented locally by Integrated Care Systems or organisations, aims to support, and standardise the approach to workforce transformation for advanced practice in emerging areas. The subsequent funding, recruitment, training and governance requirements are not intended to be outlined here.

The resources will guide teams through workforce transformation principles that will ensure bespoke advance practice plans which are designed to address local service challenges.

When in place, the organisation or system advanced practice lead may be best placed to facilitate this process. However, it could be utilised by anyone wishing to progress workforce transformation in their pathway area through implementation of advanced practice. The facilitator does not need to hold expert knowledge around advanced practice.

The framework aims to be supportive rather than prescriptive; services may choose to adapt the resource, taking the core workforce transformation principles as required.

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The full guidance document can be found here:

Emerging areas full guidance document

Broken down guidance and resources can be found here:

For service leads looking to prioritise areas for development

For a specific pathway / service looking to develop advanced practice in their area

Further Resources


For service leads looking to prioritise areas for development

This is a standalone workshop for approx. 90 minutes to help identify and prioritise areas with potential to benefit from advanced practice. It facilitates high level discussion, prior to commencing detailed planning around a specific role.

Planning and guidance

– Prioritisation workshop guidance
– Notes workbook

Promotional resources

– Prioritisation workshop poster
– Prioritisation workshop stakeholder welcome email

Workshop resources

– Prioritisation workshop slides
– Prioritisation workshop slide notes
– Prioritisation workshop video
– Prioritisation workshop service analysis framework

For a specific pathway / service looking to develop advanced practice in their area

This is a series of workshops to develop a vision for advanced practice within a specific service. 

It is broken into three stages:

  1. Understanding advanced practice
  2. Understanding the service as is
  3. Designing an advanced practice solution

These can be done as 3 individual workshops.  Where some advanced thinking has taken place, 1 and 2 can be combined for an accelerated discussion. 

Planning and guidance

– Stakeholder mapping
– Workshop series guidance
– Notes workbook

Promotional resources

– Poster
– Stakeholder welcome email

Workshop resources

– Workshop 1 slides
– Workshop 1 slide notes
– Workshop 1 video
– Service analysis framework
– Workshop 2 slides
– Workshop 2 slide notes
– Workshop 2 video
– Workshop 2 facilitator prompts
– Accelerated workshop 1 and 2 slides
– Accelerated workshop 1 and 2 slide notes
– Workshop 3 slides
– Workshop 3 slide notes
– Workshop 3 video

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Further Resources

Podcasts related to this resource

Advanced Practice Podcast – Episode 15, Emerging Areas

NHS England Podcast Graphic

In this episode of the NHSE South West Advancing Practice podcast series we are revisiting the Allied Health Professional in advanced practice conversation with two of our associate workforce leads. We talk through the insights and learning from their work into emerging areas of advanced practice and hear about the resources that have been developed to help take these conversations forward.

Host: Rachael Brandreth, (NHS England WT&E, Advanced Practice Education & Training Development Lead). Guests: Jennifer Lloyd & Luke Cunningham, (NHS England WT&E, Advanced Practice Workforce Transformation Associates)

Advanced Practice Podcast – Episode 2, Allied Health Professions

NHS England Podcast Graphic

This episode explores the narrative around advanced practice in relation to Allied Health Professionals. 

Host – Rachael Brandreth (HEE Regional Advancing Practice Supervision and Assessment Lead Speech & Language Therapy, Dietetics, Podiatry). Guests – Jennifer Lloyd & Luke Cunningham (HEE Workforce Transformation Associates)

Listen to the rest of our Advanced Practice Podcast series here

Reports related to this resource

South-West Review of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and Pharmacists in Advanced Practice

This document summarises the formal literature and project-based work already completed around the barriers and opportunities for AHPs and Pharmacists in Advanced Practice up to Spring 2022. This work was undertaken in response to South West identification that the range of professions accessing Advancing Practice training was limited to a small number. It goes on to explore possible avenues to promote multi-professional access to Advanced Practice.

South West Allied Health Professionals and Pharmacy in Advanced Practice – Update​

This document provides an update to the work done in the above report.


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