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The South West Faculty for Advancing Practice support advancing practice education and workforce development that is consistent with the National definition of advanced practice found in the multi – professional framework for advancing clinical practice in England.  

The South West Faculty is aiming to support the development of Advanced Practice roles across the South West region as inclusively as is possible and are offering a number of funding and support options for Advanced Practice trainees. 

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South West Resources for Organisations

South West 2024-2025 Funding offer

NHS England is aiming to support the development of Advanced Practice roles in line with the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan whilst maintaining quality assured standards. We support trainees across all three years of the Advanced Practice educational pathway. This enables organisations to develop staff based on workforce plans and service need.

See our South West Faculty Handbook below for more information and how to apply.

Training Pathway Tuition feesFunding (per annum)
3 year funding option (for trainees with 0-59 credits towards their MSc Advanced Practice programme)

2 year funding option (for trainees with 60-119 credits towards their MSc Advanced Practice programme)

1 year funding option (for trainees with 120+ credits towards their MSc Advanced Practice programme)
Apprenticeship programmes = tuition fees paid through the apprenticeship levy

Non-apprenticeship programmes = tuition fees paid to education provider by the employer for named modules agreed between NHS England and the employer, and deducted from the training grant
The Faculty provides £8,600
per year, per trainee to support
the education and development
of trainees on an NHS England
Centre for Advancing Practice
accredited Advanced Practice
MSc, with a minimum of £2,600
to be used from this grant to
provide educational supervision, ensuring that the minimum standards for advanced practice supervision are met for each named trainee.

How to apply for Advanced Practice Funding in the South West

NHS organisations such as Trusts and GP Practices in the NHS England South West region are invited to submit their expressions of interest for Advanced Practice training for new learners. 

Applications for funding will be made by employers, or if you are in Primary Care through your local Training Hub. Applications are made via a demand scoping survey that will open annually in February and run until mid-March. This is the single route through which the South West Faculty will allocate funding support to eligible advanced practice trainees. 

We do not accept applications from individuals. If you are interested in applying for this funding, please contact your organisations Advanced Practice Lead. If you are in Primary Care, please contact your local Training Hub.  

If you are unsure who your Advanced Practice Lead or Training Hub contact is please email us on

See our South West Faculty Handbook below for more information.

Annual Funding Timeline 

This is a summary of the 2024-25 timeline of key activities for the development and funding of trainee Advanced Practitioner’s by the South West Faculty of Advancing Practice.

South West Funding Timeline

South West Faculty of Advancing Practice Funding Handbook

This South West Advancing Practice guidance for 2024-2025 is to support organisations in our region. To develop advanced practice across services and to help build the advanced practice workforce of the future.
Read the NHS England South West Advanced Practice Faculty Handbook 2024-2025

South West Faculty for Advanced Practice Handbook 2024-2025
South West Faculty Handbook

If you are having difficulty accessing this file please email for a copy of the latest version

The following list is accurate at the time of publication, and therefore there may be other advanced practice MSc programmes on offer within the region that do not appear on this list – if you are interested in a programme that is not on this list please contact the Faculty on

South West Programme List

Centre for Advancing Practice Governance Maturity Matrix

The Centre for Advancing Practice have developed a maturity matrix which health and care organisations across all settings can formatively self-assess their progress on the governance of advanced practice. Below you will find a link to Governance Matrix Information and access to the document’s

Governance Maturity Matrix

Advanced Practice Apprenticeships in the NHS – a guide for Primary Care employers

This video is a recording of a webinar that took place on the 21st February 2022 organised by the HEE Faculty of Advancing Practice in the South West. The webinar gives an introduction to advanced practice apprenticeships, how they work and how they can be set up and outlines the benefits of apprenticeships for Primary Care employers.

Download the slides and FAQ’s from the session

Download the Apprenticeships in Primary and Social Care information pack