London Webinars and Recordings

Below you will find a series of useful webinars and recordings from the London Faculty for Advancing Practice.

London Faculty of Advancing Practice – Maturity Matrix Webinar

The Advanced Practice Maturity Matrix is a tool that has been developed by the Centre for Advancing Practice for NHSE (formerly HEE). This tool allows organisations (including those providing tertiary, secondary and primary care) to self-assess their progress on the governance of advanced practice against specific domains, and to subsequently improve standards.
Credible governance of advanced Practice is central to the safe, effective, and successful employment of advanced practitioners. London Faculty of Advancing Practice in this webinar outlined what the Matrix is, the importance of utilisation, and heard from two London Providers on how they have used it within their organisations. The guest speakers discussed how as an organisation they operationalised the matrix, mapped themselves against the leadership and governance domains, and what their experiences were of completing this process.

London Faculty of Advancing Practice – Mental Health Webinar

The NHSE faculty of Advancing Practice hosted a webinar focusing on Advanced Practice training in Mental Health. The webinar focused on the training from different perspectives to give all stakeholders, including prospective trainees, a better understanding of how to access educational programmes, the commitment required and the support to expect when undertaking the training.

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