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Regional Faculty for Advancing Practice Briefings ​

  1. Are you a supervisor of trainee advanced practitioners?
  2. Do you know what resources are available in your role?
  3. Do you know what is expected of you and your trainee a supervisor or supervisee?
  4. Do you know why supervising a trainee advanced practitioner can be different?

The North East and Yorkshire Faculty for Advancing Practice in collaboration with the Midlands Faculty for Advancing Practice are plased to announce that we will be holding a webinar on supervising trainee advanced practitioners on Thursday 8th February, 12:30 – 14:00, via MS Teams. This webinar will discuss and signpost you to resources for supervising trainee advanced practitioners, introduce the newly launched capabilities for supervision document and outline the support networks that are available for you in this role. There will also be the opportunity to ask any questions.

As the North East and Yorkshire Regional Faculty for Advancing Practice, we are committed to supporting the enhancement of advanced practitioner training programmes within our region and with that comes the promotion of workforce wellbeing strategies. Therefore, we would like to offer all trainee advanced practitioners within the region the opportunity to share their experiences of their training pathways, network with other trainees and learn how the Supervision and Assessment Lead role can support them through their training and beyond. 

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