Innovation and Modernisation

The Faculty will optimise the impact of advanced practice through innovation and modernisation including:

  • Supporting the development and implementation of credentials
  • Identify future consultants
  • Modernising advancing practice programmes
  • Supporting the enhanced practice framework
Transforming advancing practice within the community services in the north west

The North West Faculty for Advancing Practice are funding an exciting project to develop the future growth of Advanced Practice roles within community services. 

The project is to provide multi professional leadership through 8 ACP Community Advisors who will contribute to the workforce transformation, growth and implementation of ACPs roles across community services through: 

Advising stakeholders on high quality ACP care in community.  

Support sustainable workforce supply, training, and education.   

Support providers to identify staff already working at an advanced level of practice that may be supported to undertake the HEE e-portfolio (supported)route. 

Prepare providers to transform services and to aid the implementation of advanced practice roles across the North West within the community services.  

Meet our community advisors