Meet the team

If you would like to contact a member of our team you can do so by emailing

East of England Faculty of Advancing Practice team members

  • Katie Cooper, Regional Faculty Lead
  • Amanda Gibson, Supervision and Assessment Lead
  • Kashka Richards, Programme Lead
  • Romie Rice, Project Manager
  • Altaf Afridi, Project Support Officer
  • Mwenya Kasuba-Mhango, Advanced Practice Administrator

We also have multiple Training Programme Directors (TPDs) and Specialty Advisors who are also working with the faculty to lead and co-ordinate the development and training of advanced practitioners within various specialties:

Speciality areaName
Emergency medicine Nadine Darlow  
Mental Health/Psychiatry  Shimrit Ziv 
Medicine Jenny Morgan 
Medicine Mark Cranston 
Ophthalmology Silvana Madi  
Ophthalmology Nuwan Niyadurupola  
Ophthalmology Tom Butler  
Ophthalmology Muhammad Raja  
Pharmacy Harpreet Bassi 
Primary Care Marie Honeyfield 
Primary CareKimberly Treverton