Meet the team

If you would like to contact a member of our team you can do so by emailing

East of England Faculty of Advancing Practice team members

  • Katie Cooper, Regional Faculty Lead
  • Kashka Richards, Programme Lead
  • Isabelle Felix, Project Manager
  • Monika Gupta, Project Manager
  • Altaf Afridi, Project Support Officer
  • Mwenya Kasuba-Mhango, Advanced Practice Administrator

We also have multiple Training Programme Directors (TPDs) and Specialty Advisors who are also working with the faculty to lead and co-ordinate the development and training of advanced practitioners within various specialties:

Speciality area

Critical CareAli Hopkins
Critical CarePeter Bishop
Mental Health/Psychiatry  Shimrit Ziv 
Medicine Jenny Morgan 
Medicine Mark Cranston 
Ophthalmology Silvana Madi 
Ophthalmology Nuwan Niyadurupola  
Ophthalmology Tom Butler  
Ophthalmology Muhammad Raja  
Primary CareKimberly Treverton