Advanced practice in the workforce

Case studies and advanced practitioner stories

Sohail Akram – Advanced Practice in Primary Care

Professor Sujeet Jaydeokar – Advanced Practice in Learning Disability

Deepak Agnithori – Trainee Advanced Practitioner

James Cook – Advanced Practice in Learning Disability

Natalie Hewitt – Advanced Practice in Speech and Language Therapy

Adele Barber – Advanced Nurse Practitioner

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If you’ve completed a programme that has been accredited by the Centre for Advancing Practice, you can apply to be added to the directory as an advanced practitioner.

An accredited programme meets all the requirements of the Multi-professional framework as well as the Centre’s own Standards of Education and Training. Use this video to help take you through the steps to apply for the Centre’s Practitioner Directory.

Joining the Centre’s Practitioner Directory via accredited programme route

Supporting videos

In November 2020, the Centre for Advancing Practice published ‘Workplace Supervision for Advanced Clinical Practice: An integrated multi-professional approach for practitioner development’.  We have created nine videos to accompany this guidance, providing insights about best practice in multi-professional supervision for advanced practice. These insights have been gathered through conversations with colleagues working in advanced practice in a variety of clinical settings. 

Watch all nine videos on YouTube here


Events and webinar recordings

Advancing Practice – Taking Centre Stage

Advanced Practice 2020 – Day 1 Introduction
Advanced Practice 2020 – Day 2 Introduction
Advanced Practice 2020 – Day 2 Q&A

More videos from Taking Centre Stage – 2020 Conference

Multidisciplinary Advanced Practice Credential in Learning Disability and Autism: Webinar – 15.12.20
Higher Education webinar – planning FCP level 7 modules