Meet the team

On this page you will be introduced to the team behind the South East Advancing Practice Faculty. If you would like to contact the team, please email

Sarah Goodhew, Advancing Practice Faculty Lead – South East

Sarah Goodhew

A long NHS career clinically focused on adult critical care, with senior education and service lead posts held.  Visiting lecturer and simulation faculty member at Brighton & Sussex Medical School.

Collaborating with colleagues and stakeholders across the Region to shape our Advancing Practice Faculty to best meet the needs of our people and multi-professional workforce.  Working in partnership increasing awareness and understanding of this level of practice, the support, governance, and education preparation required.  Through curious conversations helping stakeholders identify where advancing practice roles are best placed within services and across systems to have maximum impact for our local populations.

Heather Nisbet, Supervision and Assessment Lead – South East

Heather Nisbet

I am the Regional Advancing Practice Supervision and Assessment Lead. My background is as a therapeutic radiographer which is a tiny, allied health profession that specialises in the delivery of radiotherapy treatment for cancer. During my career 

I worked as a practice educator and completed my MSc in Higher Professional Education.  After 10 years in this role, I returned to clinical practice and worked towards becoming a Consultant Therapeutic Radiographer. I was accredited with the Society of Radiographers and completed post-graduate modules in advanced practice, including non-medical prescribing. I led in the development of a team of advanced therapeutic radiographers and specialised in the management of treatment side effects and sexual care for cancer patients.   

Emmie Baker-Larner, Regional Project Manager – South East

Emmie Baker-Larner

I’m the regional Project Managers for Advancing Practice, I work with the rest of the Advancing Practice Faculty team to support the development of Advanced Clinical Practice across the South East.

I’m a nurse by background, with 20 years experience in critical care as both a nurse and a Practice Educator, with a specialist interest in central nervous system injuries and trauma. I have also been a visiting lecturer at the University of Brighton across several level 7 programmes. I’m passionate about learning and supporting learners to develop themselves to fullest of their potential.