Advanced practice supervision

On this page you will find guidance and resources on the supervision of advanced practitioners in the East of England.

Guidance, resources and reports

Training for Tier 3 Advanced Practice multi-professional Coordinating Educational Supervisors (and prospective Coordinating Educational Supervisors) of trainees in the East of England

Who should attend the training?

Tier 3 educational supervisor training has been made available to medically qualified health care professionals within the East of England for the past couple of years.  The East of England Faculty of Advancing Practice is now making Tier 3 educational supervisor training available to those that supervise trainee advanced practitioners, or aspire to supervise.  

To attend this course, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • you are a Coordinating Educational Supervisor of Advanced Practice (AP) trainees
  • you have been working in an Advanced Practitioner role for at least three years and have the agreement of your line manager to become a Coordinating Educational Supervisor for  Advanced Practice trainees in the future. 

Learning outcomes of the training

  1. To gain knowledge and understanding of educational theories and how adults learn including through different learning styles
  2. To gain skills in assessment for learning and the practice of how to provide learner feedback
  3. To gain an appreciation of learners needs

This training aims to provide a benchmark and to improve the quality of supervision for Advanced Practitioners.  Participants will have the opportunity to share the challenges of the supervisor coordinator role and best practice.

2022-23 training dates

The HEI webinars must be completed as one element of the three-part educational supervisor training programme

The three distinct components to the Advanced Practice Supervision training programme consist of:

  • University/Higher Education Institution (HEI) contact days (the webinars are available through the booking form link above)
  • HEE Hub videos accessible through Panopto (available later in the year)
  • E-learning modules (can be undertaken now, please see below)

Once booked on to the webinars, you will still need to complete the other two elements of the training programme (the HEE Hub videos and E-learning), within a maximum time frame of 12 months.

HEE Hub videos

In November 2020, the Centre for Advancing Practice published ‘Workplace Supervision for Advanced Clinical Practice: An integrated multi-professional approach for practitioner development’. 

The Centre for Advancing Practice have created nine videos to accompany this guidance, providing insights about best practice in multi-professional supervision for advanced practice. These insights have been gathered through conversations with colleagues working in advanced practice in a variety of clinical settings. Please watch all the videos in the package to enhance your supervisor development, this will complete the last element of the training package and you can access them here.

Links to further videos that will enhance your knowledge about advanced practice supervision and the scope of advanced practice are available below:


Available through the e-learning for health portal (, e-learning will help ensure safe and effective patient care through learning, help enhance learning through assessment and personal and professional development of supervisors and trainees.

The e-Learning can be undertaken at a time that suits you and to be completed within 12 months of the University contact days.

The e-Learning modules are as follows:

  • Supervision
  • Supporting Educational and Clinical Supervisors
  • Effective feedback
  • Setting learning objectives

Certification of Coordinating Educational Supervisors of Advanced Practice

Once you have attended the contact days you will be asked to provide feedback to us. At this point you will have completed one third of the supervisor training route for APs. 

You will need to complete all three elements of the training (HEI contact; HEE Hub videos; E-learning) within a 12-month period.

Once completion of all three components has been reached you should email the East of England Faculty of Advancing Practice ( to confirm completion. In response, we will email to acknowledge that you have completed all three elements.  A supervisor register is held by the Faculty of Advancing Practice and completion of the training will ensure your details are entered onto the register.

Queries about the training

Any queries about the training should be sent to

Data protection

Once you have applied for the training, we will hold your contact details, name, job title and your employer details on our Supervisor Register.