Midwifery Resources

This page contains midwifery resources for advancing practice.

The Health Education England Maternity Workforce Strategy (2019) highlighted the complexity and number of services provided in maternity care. To support population health needs there is recognition of the requirement for new roles and possibly new levels of practice within midwifery to support ways of working within the transformation of maternity services. The Advanced Clinical Practice in Midwifery Capabilities Framework helps to enable the development of these role in midwifery.

Advanced Clinical Practice in Midwifery: Capability Framework

The Advanced Clinical Practice in Midwifery Capabilities Framework. This framework aims to help create the new midwifery roles required to meet the health needs of the population. 

Midwifery Resources: Midwifery implementation guide

The implementation guide provides an overview of advanced practice in midwifery and offers insights into topics including education and training, workforce planning, governance, supervision, and career development. This includes midwifery resources.