Trainee Queries and Change in Circumstances

The Faculty will aim to support all trainees to remain within their HEI and employer wherever reasonably possible to complete their course.

However, there are occasions where there is a genuine need to make changes within a programme of study. A flowchart to consider is below. The Faculty are able to act as mediators with any aspect of challenge that the trainee may encounter.

At all times, safeguarding, welfare, quality and governance issues need to be considered.

Facing a Challenge
Where a trainee is facing a challenge or there is a situation regarding a trainee that cannot be resolved with the employer/HEI, a Trainee Query Form form should be submitted to the Faculty and they will review as shown in the below flowchart.

Change in Circumstance
If a trainee has a change in circumstance or if a resolution cannot be found during the Trainee Query stage, the Change in Circumstances Form should be completed and the Faculty will support the change.