Supervision e-learning for health modules

These modules are available via e-lfh but they are not specific to Advanced Practice. They offer some general training within Supervision

E-Learning Modules

Ensuring Safe and Effective Patient Care through Learning

Interprofessional Education

Using Simulation in Health professional Education


Supporting Educational and Clinical Supervisors

Curriculum led simulation

Principles of Audit

Lessons learnt

Facilitating learning at workplace

Involving patients in health professional Education

Assuring and Maintaining Quality in Health Professions Education

Diversity, Equal Opportunities and Human Rights

Supporting Educational and Clinical Supervisors

Assessing Educational Needs

Improve Your Lecturing

Small Group Teaching

Teaching Clinical Skills

Supporting Learners

Emotional intelligence

Enhancing learning through Assessment

Effective feedback

Structured Assessments of Clinical Competence

Workplace and Practice Based Assessment

Supporting Learners

Workplace based Assessments and SLEs

Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS)

Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise (Mini-CEX)

Case Based Discussion (CBD)

Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) (Mini-TAB)

Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise (Mini-CEX)

Consultation Observation Tool (COT

Clinical Examination and Procedural Skills (CEPS)

Multi-Source Feedback (MSF)

Multi-Source Feedback (MSF)

Case Based Discussion (CBD)

Guiding Personal and Professional Development

Setting learning objective

Feedback- Hospital

Clinical Supervisor Report (CSR)


Trainees with Difficulties

Clinical Leadership

The Educator Training Resources programme – elearning for healthcare 

ETR contains elearning sessions for clinical educators and supervisors across the healthcare professions.  Most modules take about 30 minutes to complete and are a mixture of text and video-based sessions.  

The modules are organised into 5 domains.  Full details can found at: 

To go straight to the 5 domains please use the following link – 

You do not need to sign-in, you can simply click on the View button to access the modules.