Practitioner permeability

Helpful supervision behaviours and characteristics self-assessment/ reflective questions (practitioner permeability).

Awareness of Self

How good am I at acknowledging gaps in my knowledge?
Do I expect to have all the answers?
How do I feel about not knowing?
How comfortable am I with uncertainty?

Awareness of Others

In what ways do I compare myself with colleagues/fellow practitioners?
How does this influence me/my practice?

Awareness for Others

In what ways do I look out for colleagues?

How do I decide when to step in?

Awareness Sharing

How willing am I to share my uncertainties with others?
Who do I choose to share uncertainties with?
What supports me to share uncertainties?
Do I encourage others to share uncertainties with me?
Do I see uncertainties as an opportunity for learning?
Do I tend to see uncertainty as an indicator of risk?

Feedback Seeking Orientation

Do I seek feedback?
Do I regard feedback as part of learning?
Do I avoid or disregard feedback?
Do I seek feedback from a range of people?
Do I tend to seek feedback from the same people?
If so, why?

Openness to Alternatives

Do I tend to think the way I have always done things is best or right?
If so, what makes me think this?
How much flexibility am I willing to tolerate?
Am I willing to try new approaches?
Am I willing to listen to another’s perspective?

Critical Awareness / Agency

What influences whether I am willing to make changes in my practice or practice behaviours?
How do I decide whether to change aspects of my practice?
Do I have preferences for certain sorts of evidence?
Do I tend to think some evidence is more important than others?

Willing to Change / Learning Disposition

Am I willing to try a new approach or behaviour?
Am I willing to persevere with alternatives, or do I tend to stick with things I am familiar with?
Am I likely to think that changing my practice makes it look like I was wrong before?

Harding (2019)

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