Digital badges

The Centre for Advancing Practice have launched digital badges

Digital badges standardise recognition of the quality assurance of advancing practice education, training, and experience.

Practitioners who have successfully completed either a Centre for Advancing Practice accredited programme or the ePortfolio (supported) Route are eligible for an “Advanced” digital badge.

Badges can be claimed via the Centre for Advancing Practice portal – please see guidance on this page.

The Centre for Advancing Practice accredited programmes and ePortfolio (supported) Route enables practitioners to evidence that they have met the capabilities of the Centre’s framework for advanced practice.

The badge does not necessarily confer recognition of skills specific to a scope of practice.

What is a digital badge?

Digital badges are web-enabled indicators of accomplishment, skill, or quality earned through learning, which can be verified online and in real time.

Digital badges recognise and celebrate learning or professional development achievements.

They offer representation of standardised recognition of the quality assurance of education, training, and experience.

Digital badges can be shared across the internet for maximum visibility and recognition. They are designed to be easily shareable and compatible with all of the major platforms searched by employers and educators, such as Facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn. They can also be added directly to websites, blogs or digital CVs.

In addition to the image-based design we think of as a digital badge, badges have meta-data to communicate details of the badge to anyone wishing to verify it or learn more about the context of the achievement it signifies. Together these data should provide all the information needed to understand what the badge signifies:

  • Who received the badge?
  • Who issued the badge?
  • What was the criteria for issuing the badge?
  • Does it expire?

Some or all of this information will be displayed in a visual format wherever the badge is displayed, but it is also stored within the digital badge’s meta-data so it can be verified any time – even if you only have the image!

Think of a digital badge as not only a line on your CV noting a particular skill or competency, but also visual evidence documenting how that skill was obtained.

How do digital badges work?

A badge is an image with a range of ‘built-in’ information or metadata. The image is the front face of the digital badge. The bit that is important is the metadata, this is added to a badge by the Centre for Advancing Practice portal, and includes details about:

  • the name of the badge
  • recipient of the badge
  • a description of the badge
  • the criteria for earning the badge

Badges are awarded when the required criteria for that particular badge has been met.

An individual may collect badges from different issuers and choose where to store and display these badges. When an individual displays one of their badges, the metadata can be viewed and verified by others simply by clicking on the badge.

I’m a practitioner – How is a badge valuable to me?

Your badge is a digital version of your qualifications and recognised educational equivalency. It allows you to easily show your colleagues, friends, or potential employers:

  • When you earned the certification or education equivalency
  • What framework is associated with the badge
  • What it takes to be eligible for the badge

Your badge allows you to easily manage, share (online), and verify your certification(s) and/or educational equivalency. This includes real-time authentication.

Badges provide employers and peers concrete evidence of what you had to do to earn your certification(s) or educational equivalency.

Badges can be shared in your email signature, on your electronic résumé, and on online (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) profiles.

Benefits for practitioners

  • Make your achievements, a permanent, verifiable part of your online profile. 
  • Share your achievements with online friends and social media followers. 
  • Easily adding your badge to an email signature, CV, website and more.
  • Embed your badge on a personal website or blog. 
  • Send or show your badge directly to a colleague, a recruiter, or your employer. 
  • Recognisable and transferable qualifications.
  • More consistent recognition of people working at an advanced level of practice.
  • Help raise the profile of Advanced Practitioners.

Benefits for employers

  • Checkable standardisation of recognition of quality assurance education, training and experience as an advanced practitioner.
  • Easier to identify advanced practitioners with quality assured qualifications or educational equivalence and experience for posts, including those already employed and applicants for new posts. 
  • Support governance and quality assurance. 
  • Recognisable and transferable qualifications that enable a fully utilised workforce. 
  • More consistent recognition of people working at an advanced level of practice.

Benefits for patients, carers and families

  • Checkable standardisation of recognition of the quality assured preparation of advanced practitioners.
  • Provides assurance that their practitioner has received advanced practice level training / education.
  • Makes it easy to check the educational level of advanced practitioners.
  • Enables increased awareness and understanding of advanced practitioner roles.

How do I get my badge?

To be ready to download a badge you will need to have successfully completed one of the recognition routes.

Badges can be claimed for:

  • ‘Advanced’ – Recognised Completion of an Advanced Practice Education Programme – Those who have successfully graduated from a Centre for Advancing Practice Accredited programme can claim this badge.
  • ‘Advanced’ – Recognised Educational and Experiential Equivalence in Advanced Practice Training – Those who have successfully completed the ePortfolio (supported) Route can claim this badge.

If you still need to apply for recognition i.e., a programme or ePortfolio or just need to get onto the portal, please see the guidance and support resources:

  • Accredited Programme Graduate Guide to recognition
  • ePortfolio (supported) Route

If you have already applied your badge will be ready for you.

To claim and download your badge please:

  • Log into your profile on the Centre for Advancing Practice Portal.
  • Click on Applications and Reports
  • Click on your completed application (badges are only available for completed applications)
  • Click on Claim Badge
  • Click on Download badge

You can also watch our short video which explains how to claim your digital badge and our video on how to claim your digital certificate.

Upcoming badges

The Centre for Advancing Practice team are working hard to expand the range of digital badges that will be offered. Keep an eye out for the next launch…