Centre-endorsed credential specifications

Centre-endorsed credential specifications: Documents which have Centre-endorsed status, have met the Centre’s endorsement criteria, after having gone through our process of independent review.

Access all available Centre-endorsed credential specifications below:

Credential specifications are reviewed periodically, ensuring they are responsive to changing population needs and up to date. Further documents currently in development will also be considered for Centre endorsement.

In 2021, we tested our approach to credential specification endorsement. We tested by applying it to area-specific advanced practice resources, previously commissioned by Health Education England (now NHS England). Centre-endorsed credentials are designed to develop multi-professional advanced-level capability and capacity, in their specified areas to meet high-priority population, patient care and service delivery needs. They should be delivered and taken up either as an integral part of advanced practice Master’s degrees, or following successful completion of an advanced practice MSc (or demonstration of educational equivalence).

Understand more about credentials and our process by watching our animation, you can also access it on the credentials homepage and read our FAQs.

Further information:

We are engaging with stakeholders to produce a strategic credential implementation plan which focusses on promoting, supporting and assuring the quality of Centre-endorsed credentials’ delivery and take-up in response to workforce development needs.

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