Applicants – Notice Board

ePortfolio (supported) Route

Applicants – Notice Board

Previous events and recordings

An introduction to the Centre for Advancing Practice Portal:
– View the recording from 1st April 2022

– View the recording from 8th April 2022

An introduction the Learning Needs Analysis Form:
– View the recording from 4th March 2022

– View the recording from 18th March 2022

An introduction to ePortfolio Evidence:

– View the recording from 4th May 2022

– View the recording from 10th May 2022

An Introduction to ePortfolio Critical Narrative:

– View the slides and recording from 30th June 2022

Access to the Portal

Centre for Advancing Practice Portal landing page
  • After you have had your Learning Needs Analysis meeting


  • Your Personal Development Plan has been agreed


  • You are successful in the next stage of your application for the ePortfolio (supported) Route


It is strongly recommended that you wait until you have been invited by your Education Supervisor to start building your ePortfolio.

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Our team of advisors have responded to questions posed throughout the webinars and via e-mail.

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